AIB – Friday Focus

Recently the Chamber spoke to Colin Morehead, Branch Manager of AIB in Cobh, our Friday Focus Member for this week.

We started by asking Colin how long have AIB been operating in Cobh?

“AIB Bank and the Great Island of Cobh have a long history together with the bank having a continuous presence on the island for almost 200 years” he said. “Throughout that time both the Bank and the community it serves has seen tremendous change and have encountered challenges which needed to be tackled and overcome. Sustainable Communities is a key strategic pillar of the Banks overall strategy and the team in AIB Cobh are committed to playing their part in delivering on that objective.”

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the Bank in the coming years?

Looking forward, Morehead singles out the need to support customers in their transition to a low-carbon future as one of the biggest challenges. However, he also sees this challenge as a significant opportunity, one which he says, “we will support on both a national and local level through product and proposition development and customer engagement.” He encourages everyone to log on to their website at where there is useful information for anyone interested on how you can work to minimise your impact on the planet whether in your home, your lifestyle or your business.

Are there specific supports which are particularly relevant to our members?

Morehead outlined how AIB is supporting its customers in their green transition ambitions with a range of options. He spoke about their business loans such as the Growth and Sustainability Loan Scheme designed as a long-term, low-cost scheme for those investing in the growth and resilience or climate action and environmental sustainability of their businesses. He spoke about Personal Loans that attract lower interest rates where the loan purpose is for a green initiative such as purchasing an electric / plug in hybrid vehicle or perhaps upgrading your boiler to a more energy efficient model. In addition, you will find details of their Green 5-year Fixed rate for mortgages.

Morehead cites their recently announced participation in the SBCI Home Energy Upgrade Loan Scheme as being a game changer for those looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of their home. “AIB is delighted to offer the Home Energy Upgrade Scheme to our customers in partnership with the SBCI,” he said. “These low-cost loans will allow our customers the opportunity to upgrade their homes, save money on energy bills and help the environment. Our purpose is to empower people to build a sustainable future. By upgrading their homes, be it through insulation or heat pumps for example, our customers can do just that.”

How can someone get information on any of AIB’s products and services?

“The Bank would welcome anyone to call to their branch on West Beach where the AIB team would be delighted to help with any queries they may have” he said. For those who cannot make it physically to the Bank for whatever reason, Morehead would encourage people to drop an email to the branch at detailing the nature of their enquiry following on from which, Colin or a member of his team will make contact.