Cobh Welcoming the First Cruise Liner of 2022

The Borealis received a huge welcome as she docked at the Cobh Cruise Terminal last week, bringing 2,000 passengers and an electric buzz to Cobh. Following a two-year pause as a result of the pandemic, local business owners celebrated the return of the first cruise ship to Cork Harbour.

“It’s extraordinarily busy and very exciting. Since Covid hit, we’ve had two years without cruise liners so today marks a really important time, especially for the local businesses here. It’s brilliant and next week we have an even bigger ship coming in,” Conor Mowlds, Chief Commerical Officer for Port of Cork

It is the first of 90 ships set to cruise into Cork Harbour this season, a tourist trade that’s worth up to €17m to Cork’s economy. 

Picture L/R: Sonia Joyce, The Titanic Experience, Jack Walsh, Cobh Heritage Centre, John Sweeney, Past President CHC, Conor Mowlds, Port of Cork, Cormac MacCoitir, The Keen House, Eoin McCarthy, Mauretania Bar and John Gately, The Commodore Hotel.