POC Business Breakfast

Port of Cork 2050 Masterplan

Last week we held the last of the 2022 Business Breakfast series sponsored by Port of Cork. We would like to extend our thanks to both Conor Mowlds, the Chief Commercial Officer, and Tim Murphy, Head of Engineering with the POC for an excellent presentation on the Port’s 2050 Masterplan. The meeting was interactive with great questions and engagement from the attendees. 

The Port of Cork is at the beginning of an exciting new chapter on its river-to-sea port journey as they seek to meet the next phase for the needs of our community. As they look forward towards a vision for 2050 and the huge potential for our beautiful harbour to continue its role as a focal point for our community to live in and enjoy, as well as a key gateway for global trade and enabler of Net Zero.

Business Breakfasts will resume in January 2023. 

Thank you to Alan and his team at the Titanic Bar and Grill.

Main image: L-R Michael McCormack CHC Past President; John Sweeney CHC Treasurer; Conor Mowlds; President Johanna Murphy; VP Toddy Stafford; Tim Murphy. Image Credit: Gillian Horgan